Commercial Centres

The University of South Wales offers its knowledge and expertise and has an impressive history of working with business.

We offer our experienced academics to develop creative solutions to everyday problems. Or highly specialist technological applications. Or ideas generation. You know what your need is.


Commercial Services is the point of contact for those business interested in:

  • Accessing academic expertise to deliver consultancy projects
  • Undertaking commercial collaborative research projects
  • Identifying academic knowledge that could be used to flesh out or develop your concept or idea
  • Talking through ideas as to the ways in which the University could help you and your business


Many of the academics who are most experienced at engaging with Business operate through Commercial Centres. To read more, click here >>

Studying the CIM qualifications are essential and incredibly helpful for anyone in a marketing role. They provide the fundamental backbone to understanding the role of marketing in the modern business context

CIM Graduate, University of South Wales