The University of South Wales has an impressive history of providing imaginative and innovative solutions to companies of all sizes, in all sectors to optimise business performance.

Many businesses will have engaged with and made use of University knowledge and facilities. Typically, this will have been prompted by the need to access expertise and skills not available in-house. And for many, consultancy has been the first step in establishing a sustainable, longer term relationship that draws upon many aspects of University life – from research to training, and mentorship to student / graduate placements. Employing an academic consultant will provide you with a broader perspective, allowing you to find new ways to solve complex business problems and formulate policies.

The Commercial Services team can support you to access the broad scope of expertise within the University, helping you find who to speak to, what expertise is available or how to go about it. Superb research, development and testing facilities are also on hand to make each project a success. Organisations can take advantage of a range of schemes and partnerships to maximise the resources on offer at the University of South Wales, and we are keen to support you further by offering networking opportunities to maximise the benefits from your relationship with USW.

The University is proud of its track record of providing flexible and tailor made solutions across all sectors. For further information on the consultancy services available please contact Caroline Pounder on 0845 519 2284 or by email:

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