What is the LEAP Programme?

Are you are taking your first step into a middle management role?

Have you recently had to restart your leadership and management career after a career break or redundancy?

This is a crucial time when you need to build your confidence and learn some tools and techniques to meet the challenge you face head on.


The ‘Leap into Leadership and Management’ programme is specifically designed to help you adjust to your new situation.  As well as developing people’s knowledge, skills and behaviours in leadership and management, you will explore four specific key areas; Leadership, Resilience, Coaching and Presenting. 

The LEAP Programme is 5 days in length and will focus on:

Leadership (1 day)

  • Current leadership thinking,
  • How we influence people through ethical leadership,
  • Emotional intelligence and crucial area of effective communication through inter-personal skills.

Resilience (1 day)

  • Our ability to ‘bounce back’ when thinks don’t quite go to plan!
  • Personal resilience, self-coaching and mindfulness and will include a psychological profiling tool that explores our mental toughness.

Coaching (1 day) is becoming increasingly popular and valuable as a management and leadership style. You will:

  • Understand coaching, its principles and how practice using coaching to lead, manage and develop other people.

Presenting (1 day)

Developing our ability to present ourselves to others is a fundamental skill in leadership and management. You will:

  • Build on your existing abilities to present in different situations
  • Develop skills to help you deliver professional presentations
  • Explore how to deal with the nerves when having to speak in public

Day 5 is a focussed Tutorial / assessment day.

Underpinning the Programme are Action Learning Sets, where you will work together as a group in a safe environment to address any particular professional challenges you are experiencing.

This is a problem solving techniques which offers peer support to give you solutions to those problems that keep you awake at night.


By completing a short presentation to your group and one written assignment you can achieve the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management.


Support will be given during the programme to help you achieve the qualification.


Assessment is not compulsory; should you wish to simply undertake the programme and not be assessed, that option is available to you.