Julie Bellamy

Head of Commercial and Client Services

HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN HERE: 17 years in a variety of roles (Project Co-ordinator, Business Services Manager, Deputy Commercial Manager, plus a number of project management roles).

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: It’s so long ago I can hardly remember, but pre-USW I worked in recruitment sales, and in a sales and admin role in a builders merchants (including the odd bit of kitchen designing!).

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Chilling out with a good book in my garden, or if I’m feeling particularly active, a long walk through the countryside with my family.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: If you don’t fail regularly, you’re not trying hard enough! (ie. don’t be afraid to give things a go)

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I LOVE playing music, and originally went to Cardiff University to study Music.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Pizza, in fact any Italian food.

FAVOURITE DRINK:  A gin and tonic on a warm sunny evening!


Lee Jenkins

Commercial Manager


PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:  Held various positions, from production to sales, over a seventeen year period working for a company that designed, manufactured and sold potentiometers to the Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Sound and Lighting markets.  Followed by two and a half years as a Business Development Manager at a systems integration company that installed sound, light and audio-visual entertainment systems into nightclubs, cinemas and retail outlets.

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Watching my daughters playing football.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: Try not to stress about things that you cannot control or change.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I have a fact that nobody knows about me.

FAVOURITE FOOD: I have two – Peanut Butter and Cinnamon

FAVOURITE DRINK:  Bourbon Whiskey.

FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: At the top of any mountain.

Caroline Pounder

Commercial Officer

HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN HERE: More than half my life!  Started in 1989 when we were still a Polytechnic.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Started my working life on a YTS scheme at the tender age of 16, before moving to employment with Mid Glamorgan County Council where I worked in the Payroll dept.  Have worked in various roles across the Polytechnic of Wales/University of Glamorgan/University of South Wales!

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Family time, followed by gardening, as I find this a great stress buster. Reading would be high on the list too.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: Life is not a rehearsal.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I absolutely hate surprises. 

FAVOURITE FOOD: Home-made fishcakes.

FAVOURITE DRINK:  Wine, although tea would be a close second.


Sharon Mott

Business Development Manager, Training


PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Served in the RAF for 7 years straight from school.  After a variety of jobs in retail and 3rd sector, started working in Learning and development for private training providers and loved it so I stayed in the industry.

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Other than doing things with friends and family, I’m a bit of a couch potato. I love a good box set, and listening to music. My dogs are my big passion.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: I’m optimistic by nature, so I just try to see the best of everything. Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong, be excited about what could go right.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I did Shotokan Karate and got to brown and white belt but give up due to bruising like a peach.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Chocolate of course!


FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Italy – Sorrento or Rome – Do I have to choose?

Kate Slowinski

Business Development Officer - Training

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE: 4 years – current role since August 2015

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Worked as an Events Co-ordinator at the Western Mail where we once had to fly Shirley Bassey in on a helicopter! Also worked in Partnership development for a national Welsh charity where I was (unwillingly!) dressed up as a smoke alarm at the Royal Welsh Show

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE WORK: I sing in a local female choir which I absolutely love – it’s true that singing is incredibly good for the soul

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: Everything happens for a reason

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I once did a sky dive in Queenstown, NZ

FAVOURITE FOOD: I’d have to go for rice or noodle dishes. Failing that, chocolate cake or my own Sunday roast

FAVOURITE DRINK: A nice cold glass of rosé

FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: A bit ‘local’ but I absolutely love the Cardiff parks in the Summer… and right on my doorstep