HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN HERE: 17 years in a variety of roles (Project Co-ordinator, Business Services Manager, Deputy Commercial Manager, plus a number of project management roles).

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: It’s so long ago I can hardly remember, but pre-USW I worked in recruitment sales, and in a sales and admin role in a builders merchants (including the odd bit of kitchen designing!).

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Chilling out with a good book in my garden, or if I’m feeling particularly active, a long walk through the countryside with my family.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: If you don’t fail regularly, you’re not trying hard enough! (ie. don’t be afraid to give things a go)

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I LOVE playing music, and originally went to Cardiff University to study Music.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Pizza, in fact any Italian food.

FAVOURITE DRINK:  A gin and tonic on a warm sunny evening!



PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:  Held various positions, from production to sales, over a seventeen year period working for a company that designed, manufactured and sold potentiometers to the Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Sound and Lighting markets.  Followed by two and a half years as a Business Development Manager at a systems integration company that installed sound, light and audio-visual entertainment systems into nightclubs, cinemas and retail outlets.

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Watching my daughters playing football.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: Try not to stress about things that you cannot control or change.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I have a fact that nobody knows about me.

FAVOURITE FOOD: I have two – Peanut Butter and Cinnamon

FAVOURITE DRINK:  Bourbon Whiskey.

FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: At the top of any mountain.

HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN HERE: More than half my life!  Started in 1989 when we were still a Polytechnic.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Started my working life on a YTS scheme at the tender age of 16, before moving to employment with Mid Glamorgan County Council where I worked in the Payroll dept.  Have worked in various roles across the Polytechnic of Wales/University of Glamorgan/University of South Wales!

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Family time, followed by gardening, as I find this a great stress buster. Reading would be high on the list too.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: Life is not a rehearsal.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I absolutely hate surprises. 

FAVOURITE FOOD: Home-made fishcakes.

FAVOURITE DRINK:  Wine, although tea would be a close second.



PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Served in the RAF for 7 years straight from school.  After a variety of jobs in retail and 3rd sector, started working in Learning and development for private training providers and loved it so I stayed in the industry.

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Other than doing things with friends and family, I’m a bit of a couch potato. I love a good box set, and listening to music. My dogs are my big passion.

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: I’m optimistic by nature, so I just try to see the best of everything. Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong, be excited about what could go right.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I did Shotokan Karate and got to brown and white belt but give up due to bruising like a peach.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Chocolate of course!


FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Italy – Sorrento or Rome – Do I have to choose?

HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN HERE: Just over a year – previously a Business Engagement Project Manager.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Worked at MediaWales, founder member of the team that developed WalesOnline, creating richmedia content, films, interviews, graphic design, etc. Taught Web Design and digital animation to foundation degree level in FE.

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: Family time, teach Aikido and riding around on my 1961 Lambretta scooter.

GIVE US YOUR LIFE OR WORK MANTRA: Enjoy what you do… find balance. If work was so good the rich would have kept it for themselves.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I was part of the team who set up the video broadcasting equipment for the original Live Aid concert.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Mediterranean, homemade spicy sausage pasta, risotto…

FAVOURITE DRINK:  Cider, red wine, coffee…


Joanne Hill

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE: 15 years – previously KTP Manager

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Worked in the Cardiff hotel that hosted Australia, the eventual Winners in the Rugby World Cup in 1999. I was Photographic Researcher on the Cardiff 2000 project and have also part-trained as a Chartered Surveyor. What is your favourite thing to do outside work: Spend fun time with my 2 sons and husband by the sea.

GOT A WORK OR LIFE MANTRA?: Be honest, authentic and straightforward.

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU:  I’m addicted to House programmes – Location, Location, Location; A Place in the Sun, anything with George Clarke.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Gorgeously baked Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni. Or the freshest Fish with seasalt and lemon.


FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Probably St Ives, Cornwall. But keen to visit more.

Kate Slowinski

Business Development Officer - Training

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE: 4 years – current role since August 2015

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Worked as an Events Co-ordinator at the Western Mail where we once had to fly Shirley Bassey in on a helicopter! Also worked in Partnership development for a national Welsh charity where I was (unwillingly!) dressed up as a smoke alarm at the Royal Welsh Show

FAVOURITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE WORK: I sing in a local female choir which I absolutely love – it’s true that singing is incredibly good for the soul

GOT A LIFE OR WORK MANTRA?: Everything happens for a reason

ONE FACT THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I once did a sky dive in Queenstown, NZ

FAVOURITE FOOD: I’d have to go for rice or noodle dishes. Failing that, chocolate cake or my own Sunday roast

FAVOURITE DRINK: A nice cold glass of rosé

FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: A bit ‘local’ but I absolutely love the Cardiff parks in the Summer… and right on my doorstep