An Airbus employee who joined our ILM Level 5 Challenge Programme credited the course for encouraging her to self-reflect and be proud of her achievements.

Claire Roberts, HR Business Partner at Airbus, was searching for a professional development programme that would improve her project management and finance skills. When talking to USW Commercial, she realised that the Challenge Programme would encompass what she needed, and more.

She says: “When I contacted USW Commercial, I was looking for two specific things, but I got so much more than that. The Challenge Programme gave me a massive boost in confidence, and the ability to be proud of the work I do.

“I always used to describe myself as a ‘blagger’, but since the course I’ve realised that I’m not a blagger, I know what I’m talking about and I’m good at what I do – I’m proud of my work and my achievements, and I no longer feel uncomfortable to say it out loud.”

Claire gained a lot of personal development from the course, and despite an initial fear of embarking on a university programme. She has since returned to attend many of our masterclasses and to start the ILM Level 7 in Coaching & Mentoring.

“Due to personal circumstance I never went to university,” says Claire, “I’ve worked hard to get where I am, but I’ve never considered myself particularly academic. The thing that was most challenging, and surprising, was that I loved being on campus, going to university and the sense of achievement when I got a good mark on an assignment.

“The level of support made the whole programme much easier and far less daunting, we had a fantastic facilitator who was very personable and aware – I couldn’t recommend the programme more.”

Following Challenge, Claire has received positive feedback from her manager about her confidence and awareness of leadership styles, and has been asked to implement a coaching culture within the organisation.

Claire says: “Going forward, I’m excited about the next chapter, completing my ILM Level 7 at USW and the coaching journey at Airbus.”

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