A manager on the Communities First programme at Bridgend County Borough Council has credited our ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership in Management (LEAP Programme) for developing his leadership style and introducing him to new techniques.

Wayne Nicholas manages a team of four people who promote and support health, prosperity and learning in the local community in line with the Authorities strategy around the Health and Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015. Despite having years of management experience, Wayne decided to join our LEAP Programme last year to develop his skills and knowledge further, and enhance his leadership capability.

“The course was fantastic, it was interactive, nurturing, enjoyable, but most of all it was beneficial,” says Wayne, “Although I completed the course last year, I’m still feeling the benefits and use the leadership and coaching techniques I learnt day to day. It taught me how to get the most from my team and develop them, as well as boosting my confidence as a manager and improving my resilience.

“Both my line manager and my team have seen a positive difference in the way I work; I would highly recommend the programme to any manager.”

Despite being a firm believer in ‘you never stop learning’, Wayne was a little tentative about enrolling on a professional development programme through fear of ‘death by PowerPoint’, and learning everything through a textbook.

“The programme through USW Commercial Services totally changed my perception of professional development courses,” said Wayne, “It was interactive, generated discussion amongst delegates and active participation was encouraged

“The two tutors, Kevin and Kate were fantastic – they had a very good way of putting you at ease straight away. They injected humour and fun into the course and even delivered some sessions outside – a method I have brought back to the Council by encouraging walking meetings, which allow team members to get out of the office pressure pot and encourage different thinking.”

The qualification is named the ‘LEAP programme’, as it provides participants with the confidence and skills to take the leap into leadership and management with greater conviction. Typically, the programme is for those who are new to middle management or who are restarting their leadership and management career, however, Wayne has proven that it can be just as beneficial for those with years of management experience behind them.

Kevin Christie, who designed the LEAP Programme for USW Commercial Services, says: “LEAP into LEADERSHIP is designed for learners to develop practical skills to lead and inspire others, manage people and deliver results.

“The course covers effective leadership, developing resilience (bouncing back from adversity), coaching (to both manage and develop) and presentation skills. We create learning environments for people which are safe, engaging, lively and fun, where people achieve a quality learning experience.

“We look forward to welcoming delegates on the programme and enjoying the opportunity we have to LEAP into LEADERSHIP together.”

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