What is CIPS ?

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) qualifications are widely regarded as an international benchmark of excellence, enhancing standards of professionalism and performance throughout procurement and supply.

The Diploma, the Advanced Diploma and the Professional Diploma provide a suite of levels allowing you to progress up to degree level and gain an advanced understanding of procurement and supply management whilst covering essential issues which affect business today.

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Who is it for?

The Diploma is ideal for those employed in a general, junior procurement role or those without formal qualifications in the field. You should have at least two A Levels or equivalent (as determined by CIPS). Also acceptable are CIPS Level 3 Certificates and/or any Level 3 qualifications that CIPS consider to be equivalent.

The Advanced Diploma is aimed at those who have achieved the Diploma (or are exempt at that level) and are aiming for strategic career goals, or who intend to specialise in key areas. For exemption, qualifications with relevant content must be at Level 5 or above, or their equivalent as determined by CIPS, such as a degree from a recognised University.

The Professional Diploma is for those who have achieved the Advanced Diploma award or are exempt. For exemption, qualifications with relevant content must be at Level 6 or above, or their equivalent as determined by CIPS. The modules must have been covered in the final year of an undergraduate programme in a recognised University or be at postgraduate level.

What will you learn?

PLEASE NOTE: At all levels, attendance of at least 80% is expected from all delegates. Details of attendance will be shared with a work sponsor on the obtaining of the delegates’ consent to do so.

The Diploma covers the following five modules:

Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement and Supply

Sourcing in Procurement and Supply

Contexts of Procurement and Supply

Business Needs in Procurement and Supply

Managing Contracts and Relationships in Procurement and Supply

The Advanced Diploma covers the following five modules:

Category Management in Procurement and Supply

Management in Procurement and Supply

Managing Risks in Supply Chains

Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains

Sustainability in Supply Chains

The Professional Diploma covers the following five modules:

Supply Chain Diligence

Leadership in Procurement and Supply

Programme and Project Management

Corporate and Business Strategy

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Why choose this course?

If you’re serious about your future in the procurement and supply, the CIPS qualifications are essential to reach the highest levels.

Hays Recruitment found that when recruiting procurement professionals, 95% of vacancies in the public sector and 70% in the private sector asked for candidates who either had or were working towards MCIPS.

You’ll also find that belonging to a professional institute brings long-term career advantages. According to independent research, individuals with professional qualifications and membership stand to gain £152,000 in additional earnings over the course of their professional life.

As a provider of the CIPS Professional Diploma programme, the University of South Wales is a UK Centre of Excellence.

CIPS Diploma in Procurement & Supply – £495 per module

CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply – £495 per module

CIPS Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply – £495 per module

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All assessments are designed to test the learning outcomes of the CIPS unit content for each unit. Candidates are assessed by an exam for each unit, unless you are granted an exemption.

The CIPS examinations take place during November, March and May. For further details visit http://www.cips.org

If you are scheduled to take an examination or an examination re-sit during this period you must ensure that you register and send the necessary payment directly to CIPS.