What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is the process of assessing the needs of citizens, agreeing priorities, and developing strategies to ensure that services are provided effectively and that they meet the needs of the population. It is a complex process with responsibilities ranging from assessing local population needs, prioritising investment and outcomes, procuring products and services to achieve those outcomes and supporting service providers (internal and/or external) to enable them to deliver outcomes for individual service users.

Commissioning can happen at many levels, including the strategic, the community and the individual level.

Who is it for?

This four-day short course is aimed at commissioners in public sector organisations. It is designed to support you to implement the national agenda and develop good commissioning practice. We can tailor the course to suit your commissioning approach and it can be delivered to your scheduling requirements.

What will you learn?

You will come away from the four days of the course having worked through the Plan, Do, Analyse, Review framework for commissioning and purchasing, and tackled a series of realistic exercises designed to illustrate the techniques and tools available for effective commissioning. You will have opportunities to address your contribution in the context of the changing national agenda and to take stock and reflect on current practice; as well as being provided with practical tools to implement change where required.

The content will be delivered through a mix of presentations and practical sessions that explore models and principles, consider practice, and help you think about their application. The learning style will be collaborative with an emphasis on sharing approaches that work and practical experiences. The course covers:

  • The relevant national commissioning agenda for public care
  • Introduction to the IPC Commissioning Framework: structured organisational self-analysis
  • Collaborative commissioning and working with a wide range of partners and stakeholders
  • Methods for managing knowledge and analysing the needs of the local population, including needs analysis and systems mapping
  • Delivering effective change in the commissioning process, including decommissioning services
  • Market shaping and influencing, including approaches to managing provider relationships
  • Using outcome-based commissioning to develop innovative service responses

Why choose this course?

  • Achieve better outcomes and commission value for money services
  • Learn tools and techniques to implement change
  • Learn how to analyse the needs of the local population, including needs analysis and systems mapping

If your organisation is starting to develop your commissioning approach and you need help, our consultant can work with you to put in strategic processes and procedures. With 20 years’ experience working with public sector organisations throughout the UK, we can tailor solution to fit your needs

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